AlvareNet is creating an ecosystem of Dapps making it easier and more secure to navigate in the crypto sphere.

The primary product will be the creation of a P2P platform to secure payments of goods and services using crypto as payment, since it is something that is missing in the cryptocurrency space right now.

Another project that is currently being developed is a trading and sniping software that will be accessible for holders of AlvareNet. We are building this product to bring more equality to decentralized trading, while also giving our holders a great tool to trade at at their target value at decentralized exchanges.

AlvareNet has several other concepts that are being developed and evaluated at this time.

Why AlvareNet?

AlvareNet consists of a great team with a wide range of experiences, from Marketing to project management and product development to strategic corporate development and legal department. This provides AlvareNet with a strong foundation to translate the needs we see in the crypto space into solutions. The P2P platform is something that doesn’t exist in this form in the sphere of crypto yet and gives us therefore the advantage of being the first mover.

P2P Platform

AlvareNet will provide/ provides a P2P platform for secure interactions between two parties using crypto as payment and by using a smart contract as a neutral 3rd party. The smart contract will ensure that the service provider, is not paid until the service is delivered. Should the service provider fail to fulfill the contract, the buyer will receive their funds back in full.

Adjustable AlvareNet Smart Contract

The token contract of AlvareNet is split up into two parts, one “main” token contract and another contract with additional functionality. This gives the unique opportunity to make adoptions to the token contract if it is needed for a product. To not being held back in development, the control of changing the contract lies in the hands of AlvareNet’s team for now.

Investment Interest

The AlvareNet token has a reflection fee of 4%. This means that the amount of tokens held will increase over time, by distributing the reflection fee to the holders. Together with the ever increasing holdings we are aiming to have an ever growing platform, which should make it worthwhile to hold AlvareNet tokens in the long term.

Sniper/Trading Software

One of the tools AlvareNet is providing is a trading software which helps you trading on decentralized exchanges. Various functions from simple swapping to sniping new tokens are integrated in a single interface.

Steady Network Expansion

The goal of our platform is to provide a network of tools and services that are highly integrated with each other. We always want to keep improving existing products and adding new products to our platform.

Security Services

At this moment the crypto space is haunted by scams and other fraudulent activity, which is an ever growing problem. AlvareNet wants to do its part to reduce this by providing products like the P2P platform and other future products.

Security measures 

To ensure the security of the transactions from our wallets we use multi signature wallets
of which
a signature must happen from a hardware wallet.

AlvareNet’s Smart Contract has been fully subjected to a professional audit by
With a resulting collaboration, the contract was improved and offers the highest security in
functionalities, reliability and accessibility.


The AlvareNet token offers unique features that cover the needs of investors and the project. Among other things, interest is paid out to investors and smooth trading is ensured. Below is a description of the benefits of the 11% trading fee.

Developer & Contract Dev

The Brain


IT Specialist & Tech Nerd

Project Manager

Keeps the overview

marketing & communication

Major investors, foreign communication

Marketing Manager

You will see us


IT Specialist


Telegram Admin

Relationship Manager

Major investors, foreign communication


Roadmap of AlvareNet’s main products. This roadmap is subject to change and more points will be added in the future. Other small products will be released in between, but are not the main focus of the project.

Q4 2021

Trading bot beta

Professional website redesign

Redesign of AlvareNet’s DApp platform

Q1 2022

P2P platform alpha

Full Trading bot release

Q2 2022

P2P platform beta

Q3 2022

P2P platform full release

Establish official AlvareNet business enterprise


Read our Litepaper in version 2.0


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